Creating an Accapella

Just a question to any learned producers/remixers out there… does anyone know how to completely remove an instrumental out of a track so there is nothing left but an accapella? Apparently it is possible using Adobe Audition but i can’t seem to get it to work all that well… probably just a newb error…

Is it possible to use a program to create an accapella with just the original track or do you need the original AND an instrumental version to create it?


If the vocal is playing by itself in a track can cut it out using an audio editor such as audition but if the vocal is playing along with the instrumental parts then there is no good way to extract it.

You best bet is to look on ebay, theres usually people selling dvds with thousands of acapellas. Drop one an email to see if they have the one you want. Could always just browse the net, you may get lucky.

If you have an identical copy of the song without the bit you want in it then you can inverse the track, play it over and the frequencies will cancel each other out. This is incredibly difficult to do though.

there is a bit of software either coming out or out now that can pull the vocal or any instrument from a track, it was featured in future music and im now gonna look through my copies to find the name of the software :slight_smile:

There is a great article about pulling vocals through phazing in the August (I think) issue of Future Music magazine. Check it out, its pretty interesting.