Creating drums in Impulse vs. Simpler

Hi guys,

any pros/cons using Impulse vs. Simpler for creating drums? Does Impulse have any significant better functions from which Simpler does not have? Because, The normal way creating Impulse is using the 8 (or less) banks in Impulse, filling them with samples and then add the midi entries. Before or after that I normally split the channels, having every drum in a separate audio channel as IN mode (and then grouping for example the hats into a Hats group audio channel, to have better control of it). But the disadvantage is, it is not possible to Freeze this kind of setting, I mean the separate tracks, because they are in IN mode.

In other hand, using Simpler for every drum, I don’t need the above described process, i have every drum in a dedicated Simpler, I can freeze if needed, i can do reverses of samples, which is not possible with Impulse.

So any good tips/ideas why to use Impulse over Simpler for drums? (Besides that it is mend to use it for) I read also in some other forums that the quality of the sound of drums which are coming from Impulse is worse then having them in Simpler, but I can’t really say it is true, so maybe a rumor… What do you think?



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I think you are going about it the right way to have that kind of control over each sound, it is a bit more time consuming but saves hassle in the long run. The only solution to this problem is to upgrade to version 7 and use Drum Rack as this does exactly what you want to do with your drums but within one machine.


i own the Live 7 Suite, but have not used drum racks so far, as I am used to use Impulse or Simpler for my drums, actually still experimenting what the better solution is. Yes, I split my channels every time, when I use Impulse, but well don’t need to do that if I use several instances of Simpler. I know i need to run 8 Simplers instead of one Impulse if i want to use for example 8 diverse drums/percusions/hats, but it doesn’t slow me down. The question is are there any advantages and disadvantages using the one or other instrument (Impuse/Simpler, and of course D.Racks)? Well actually to this blog, where deadmau5 is discussing this same topic, but I didn’t get the right answers from the whole thread…

The link is deadmau5’s my space blog:

I think there are no main advantages to using either the impulse method or the simpler method, they will both sound the same. The way to do it is to use Drum Rack as it uses the Simpler machine in the exact same way you are using them but without having to load in new tracks everytime as it loads a mixer channel for each simpler you have something loaded into. Basically you are having the same control over the tracks as you want but in an easier and quicker way.