Creating Stereo Width Tip question

Nice tip!

I was wondering, on Ableton i was trying to re-create it and came across some questions i was wondering if you could answer?

What is the best warp setting to have for sung vocals? I’ve got the audio warp set on ‘Re-Pitch’ but i’ve tried some of the others like Complex etc and the vocal sounds a bit grainy?

Anyways as I have it on Re-pitch, it doesn’t allow me to use the transpose button. I moved it to a different setting and then tried to move the transpose but i wasn’t sure where to move it too. I tried 12 and - 12 but i got chipmonks and sub sounds haha.

What would you advise is best in order to re-create the tip in Ableton?

In the second part, what Delay plug in on Ableton would be a good substitute for the ‘stereo delay’ on Cubase?

Just a quick few words on here would be awesome

Cheers guys, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

repitch wont let you warp the track and transpose because as it repitches it changes the length of the clip

try tones or the new complex pro. none of them will have a patch on melodynes ability pitch without noticeable artifacts.

set it to complex pro for this example, use the “Detune” option below the transpose wheel. set your clips to ±12ct respectively.

you can delay the track in the same way as cubase by clicking the “D” button bottom right of the session view. this will show you the track delays sub menu.

from there you can edit the track delays.

or you could just use the Simple Delay from the live devices to set it up as the alternate to cubase’s stereo delay.

Oh ok many thanks Bryan :slight_smile:

I guess complex pro is on live 8 but that’s cool, i’ll get that sometime this year with luck!

Thanks again mate :slight_smile:

A little tip when using complex-pro, it uses about 10X the processor power than the regular ways. Very processor intensive, so you might need to freeze the track down.