Creating Sub Files from Wavs?

Kick 2 Special Tech Tips Volume 26 / Tutorial 261 - Creating Sub Files (

As the title says… is it, or rather, will it ever be possible to simply load samples (wavs or aiffs) into Kick and have them converted to a .sub file that can be used in the additive fashion? I watched that ^ tutorial and it looks incredibly complicated and I don’t understand what editor the guy is using to make the fundamental and harmonics in the first place.

If not possible inside of Kick itself, perhaps a stand alone editor purely for the purpose of converting samples into the .sub format so they can be used in the Sub Oscillator? This would add an incredible amount of potential possibilities for textural enhancement of sounds inside of Kick.

I am in LOVE with KICK 2 and I’m loving ANA 2 - out****ingstanding plugins - just amazing. Gorgeous and functional GUIs, glorious sound, decently light on the CPU (Windows 11 and Live 11 combo), amazing presets, priced extremely well and the deals were fantastic.

Thanks for everything - KICK 2 has been my main goto for KDs since I got it,

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That might be something for KICK 3, you might want to check this other post :wink:

For KICK 2 and this course you mentioned, Phil is using the free AUDACITY audio editor as well as a text file editor ( any text file or code editor will do ) and a table sheet ( like Numbers or Excel ).

Alternatively, you can use the Click Slot and drag & drop a Kick sample in there to replicate a Kick.

Video link 01

or even mute the sub within KICK 2 and use the Kick sample in the Click Slot instead.

Video link 02

It won’t create a proper sub file for KICK 2, but it’s another way to replicate kicks with KICK 2 :wink:

Hope this helps !

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Thank you very much for the response, I appreciate it!

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