Cricket losers!

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]ICN (02/03/2011)[hr]LOL :P[/quote]

Fck off

I just watched the last half hour of it (the longest spell of cricket I have ever watched) haha I can’t Belive it.

That’s like England beating us at hurling.

Bah I just wait for the 6 Nations :slight_smile:

Would have been so much sweeter if I had cash on it! :smiley:

It’s Cricket, who cares!

Its just Slender loves Cricket… Had to do it :wink:

Oh, and a small matter of Ireland beating ENGLAND @ their own game too!! LOL :D  :laugh: :cool:

What the F is cricket and who the F are Ireland lol :stuck_out_tongue:

You dont know what Ireland is? :wink: :hehe: :D 

[quote]ICN (02/03/2011)[hr]Its just Slender loves Cricket… Had to do it :wink:


Not sure he’s such a big fan this evening :frowning:

I always love it when the Aussies crow on about it after (usually) beating us. They seem unaware that in the main really no-one cares.

Just the die hard cricket fans and the ‘I’ll watch any type of sport me’ pub bores.

Oh, and Slender.