Critics needed

Hey guys,

I’m looking for some critics to rip apart my track and let me know what they think, areas i can improve, change or even just whether you like it. It’s for a remix comp and i need to get it in before the end of the week.

Jon, i have been trying to find you on msn for some time, are you never logged on or am i just being a bit of a tard seeing your name on there??

The track still needs mastering though so what you’ll hear will be raw.

Can you respond to let me know so i know you’ll critic for me, so i know whether to upload or not? cheers!!

Ok well for anyone who’s interested in having a listen:



hey roben left you some feed back dude in a pm, i’ve been away for a few days and i’ve also just done and os install on my system so i’ve not got round to putting msn back on the mac yet.

will get onto that this week lol

Cheers for the feedback mate, great stuff!

Also had thoughts from Howiegroove and Raymondsar.

Would be really nice if anyone else could send me their thoughts too :slight_smile:

Working on a new project now, really excited about it.

hey roben

where is the track i can’t find it on the fb page? btw just became a fan of you too :slight_smile:

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Try this:


Gotta Get Through remix

nice one mate, really like the piano and the intense build in it!

never heard the original so can’t really comment on what you’ve done with it etc. but even on it’s own the track is sound mate keep it up :slight_smile:

Hi mate,

Cheers for listening and really glad you like it! The original was more of a fluffy funky track : [url=]Emanuel & McCall Vs Katherine Ellis - MTV Video - YouTube

Anyways thanks again :smiley: