Cubase 4 Help - Don't know what I have done

Ill try and explain the best I can and hopefully some one will know what I have done.

When I try to expand and Midi Track folder it wont, it just high lights blue, when I move to another midi folder or midi track it high lights that blue as well and the one before.

Next when I click on a midi part in the sequence windows I can not press and hold the left button and move any part.

3rd when I right click on a midi or audio part instead of bring down the edit menu, it just shows up all the cursor option buttons.

I cant do any work on my midi parts, does any one know what to select to switch this off…

PLease please please help

did you find out what this was?

Rebooted my pc again and loaded it up and it was fine, clueless to what I did though

probably your flux capacitor! :hehe: