Cubase 5 Midi Input signal


can anyone help, I have followed the Steinberg instructions on how to set up my MIDI input device, however the keyboard I have is not listed in the Device Menu.  I have a Yamaha PSR 400 and a Roland ED PC 300, niether of which are mentioned.  Can I still use these keyboards or do I need to buy one that is listed in the MIDI Device Manager ?.

I inputed the closest which was a Yamaha PSR 530 and I can not get a signal through my USD interphane lead.  Any suggestion please



did either of the keyboards come with a driver disk?

are they working in any other software?


Yes I bought a Midi interphase lead frim mapplins that came with a driver that automatically loaded onto my PC.  Cubase sees it under Midi Device manager where is shows my keyboard with the USB driver as active yet nothing works.

Very confusing.  Would you reckoment I bought another USB Midi lead and driver and if so can you recommend any.

Thanks for any help

might be an idea to download the ableton demo and see if you are geting a midi signal through that… if you are then we know its a setting somewhere in cubase.

if its not working in ableton it could something else