Cubase 9 Track Name

Situation: I’m following along with Bjorn Akesson’s HTM Uplifting Trance and I noticed that instrument track clips created with ANA keep the name of the VST instead of using the track name. When Bjron uses Sylenth the clip name reflects the track name.

I can only imagine this has something to do with how the VST is written, but maybe there’s a Cubase 9 setting that would allow it to work.

My Question: Is there a setting in ANA or Cubase to make the clip name appear the same as the track name?


Here’s a clip from the arrangement video where it clearly shows the Sub Bass (Sylenth) clip is renamed the same as the track, while the other ANA track clips are not renamed.

That’s a strange one indeed,
I would expect it might be something to do with the plugin if Sylenth is renaming the MIDI track to the track name however.

Certainly something we will keep an eye on moving forward

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I also just put a support request in to Steinberg to see if they have an idea what might be causing this. I’ll provide an update when I get an answer.