Cubase Question

Hi guys :slight_smile:

When I have Cubase open I cant hear any sounds from the videos on Sonic Academy.

Is there any way around this problem? It would be really handy to switch from Cubase and watch a tutorial for help without having to close and restart Cubase everytime.

Thanks for any help:D

what soundcard are you using? just the internal one or a seperate one?

Just the internal soundcard Phil :blush:

I think it might be tricky with just the internal card… in cubase under devices you will see a selection of your audio driver… i think if you use the WMD driver it lets you have multiple sources playing… unfortunately this is one of the worse settings for cubase.

If you are wanting to get in to music production in even semi serious way a soundcard with decent drivers is a must have really… you could get something from £50 up.

The info in the BGTMP is still relevant

Thanks for the help Phil. Heading into Belfast on Fri so will invest in a decent sound card :slight_smile:

what sort of budget do you have?

Hi Phil, I bought the Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 firewire Interface it was £199 :slight_smile:

Result!! Quality card!!

Another thing that you can check out in Cubase is also under devices. Make sure you do not have a check mark in the box that gives Cubase total control of your Audio Card. I had this same problem at first, but removing the check mark in that box helped me out.