I have Reason 4.0 and I’m not it’s biggest fan, I don’t know why just not my thing!

I am considering something else such as Cubase/Ableton/Logic or Pro Tools and just wanted to gather everyone’s opinions and pro’s & con’s etc

I produce dance music, mainly house and trance.

Look forward to your comments/preferences/rants and raves :cool:


hello. i would suggest Ableton in use with reason or cubase if you don’t like reason.

i use them together. LOVE it. sooooo many more options using them both together.

reason can do the damn thing all by it’s self though. so can cubase. i suggest loading up the demos to all of them and see which one feels right to you. good luck mate!

if i were you i’d buy logic, it comes with a lot of synths and effects so you wont have to buy any vsts right away, plus that its really powerful.

I’m essentially a DJ first, then producer second, so for me the thing the struck me first about Ableton was that it can be used for so many different applications for Djing and production. Ableton is the first program to come along that i’ve instantly fallen in love with as it’s so intuitive. I use it nearly every day for putting my radio show together, making mixtapes, re-edits as well as the odd remix and track when i get time. Plus we also use it for performing live material in our Psycatron sets.

It’s claimed the sound quality may not be quite as good as Cubase or Logic, but i’ve heard some amazing records produced using Ableton. Apparently Chris Lake now uses it for all his tracks and remixes.

same here mate. Ableton does it all. i run my tracks through sound forge before i release them but really that is just out of habit. i think with 7.0 a producer can do a track from start to release

Hi guys,

Thanks for your comments so far - keep them coming!

I’ve came across a copy of Ableton Live Lite 6 which came with my Oxygen and i’ve never put the CD in - what’s it like?

Oh and whats the main differences between Ableton Live 7 and Live 7 LE apart from about £300!

well basically the lite versions are demo versions. i’m pretty sure you can’t render ( make into a wav ) in the lite and LE versions. Those are just to get a taste of the application. i’d suggest loading them up and toying around with them. try everything possible. all i know is when i picked up ableton 2.0 i’ve never looked back.

hi all,i downloades ableton live 7 demo ,but i couldn’t find templates to use.

by the way, Ableton is now available as a trial version for 30 days which allows you to save and render in case you didn’t already know