Curriculum outline for a complete begginer

Hey everyone,

I have been wanting to learn how to produce music for years but have never taken any action on it. I am going to start now. I am a complete beginner when it comes to producing music. I played clarinet in middle school, and also taught myself to play some stuff on piano, guitar and cello, so I have a decent understanding of theory.

My question is, when I sign up for a subscription here, what tutorial path would you recommend? So many different tutorials, it would be cool if there was a tutorial path guide laid out but some of you masters.

I would go for the beginners course in whatever Daw you are using… Ableton, Logic etc.

Then some of the Understanding series… Understanding Compressors, Reverb EQ.

After that just listen to the course previews on the How to Make Courses and see which one you like the sound of.