Custom User Presets Tags & Categories in ANA 2 Browser

Hi, just picked up ANA 2 and have a quick question. How can one have all their custom presets listed together in the Browser regardless of their Category ? Is there any way to create custom Categories or User Tags ? The Manual is rather sparse on the subject. Thanks for any help. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Teksonik

You could edit presets file & tags using a txt editor but this could lead to issue ( broken, non working presets ).

A similar question was asked on the Face Book Discussion group BTW, here is a screen shot that might help & if not done yet, you could join the group and check the post here :

Ok thanks, I didn’t know they had a FB group. Waiting to be accepted by the admins. I’ve got Genre and User Tags for my custom presets working now so all good. Thanks again.

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