Daft punk synth help

Hi guys, I’m trying to find a way to design a sound in sylenth that is similar to the epic guitar riff in daft punks aerodynamic. Any tips? Thanks

Hey there @Hanson90

My attempt to recreate this… LOL :blush::sunglasses:

Try this patch as a starting point, play with FREQ & KEY TRACK values for the global Filter Control and take a look how I tried to make this patch to get a similar sound than this guitar riff from Dft-Pnk :wink:

Again, should be a usable starting point but the real trick to get a closer sound to the original would be to use a guitar cabinet AMP + a GTR Pedal plug-ins emulation effects after Sylenth IMO.

The Midi is probably not exact comparing to the song, just a quick pattern in order to have a reference point while patching Sylenth.

Anyway, hope this helps :wink:

Cheers !

DftPk-AeroGTR.fxp (469 Bytes)

DftPk-AeroGTR.mid (595 Bytes)