Dark Spacey Techno Rmx

Hi my first public rmx - you know what to expect :wink:

[hr] Komabase - Young Generation - [Nomad Spectrum RMX] (Unsigned) by Nomad Spectrum

creepy :smiley:

there’s some cool auto-panning going on. the hats sound sweet too.

Really really pleased you mentioned the hats took me a while and shouting a few new swear words to get them right

Also got say thanks for you recommending me to get a decent pair of monitors as they IMO have really opened my ears to mixdowns and my warped and twisted panning :wink:

Class - Sounding A1 Slender!! :smiley:

[quote]ICN (07/02/2011)[hr]Class - Sounding A1 Slender!! :D[/quote]

Thanks cheques in the post :wink:

nice one man, deep and minimal but with a few different section to the track, nice little outro aswell

Yeah well I like my tracks to be like a little journey - A journey through hell :slight_smile: