Darkwave-Synth Track Feedback (Updated 2/17)

  • Added a limiter to make it louder * 2022-02-17

This is a work in progress - actually for more than a year! A lot of crap has happened to me over the last year or so - but I want to finish it now so looking for feedback. It’s not mastered well so you’ll have to turn it up. I’m getting better at mastering but just want to get this track up for feedback as is.

I want to add guitar, vocals and possibly speed it up just a bit - but I’m worried the relaxed drumbeat will suffer if I do that. I used Cubase 11 as my DAW.

It’s already a very busy and complex track with a lot of elements, but at the same time what you’re afraid about is what’s not working for me in this track TBH. The kick and beat feels weak compare to the other elements and the general energy of the track. I picture this as something more story telling, so I’m missing punch and a more strong beat and rhythm in this track.

Have you watch this BTW : Epic Nu School Breaks with Protoculture

As for levels, yes, it’s really low at the moment, even when you crank up the volume knob. Maybe you could just set a limiter on your master channel before uploading the track when it’s not yet mastered.

But all in all, there’s a theme, it can be engaging and story telling IMO, but I would revisit the overall beat and rhythm structure before thinking of adding anything else to this track at the moment.

Hope this helps :wink:

Cheers !