Darren baille rmx competition question

is it only the vocals that are available? and how do you find out what key the vocals are in?

melodyne says C major… but im skeptical here… the vocals jump around alot

U reckon d minor then? Do u think it will be on beatport? Coz they have the key of each track. May have to roll the years back a bit

C minor sorry

alot of the remixes I’ve seen on beatport seem to be in A minor. which makes sense since C and Am are the same except for the placement of the tonic

yeah its the natural minor isnt it!!

A minor it is then :smiley:

strange… just been thru all the remixes on beatport and there all in either c major, a minor, g major or e minor

Has anyone found Darren’s remix of this track. I can’t find it anywhere ? Just want to hear what he did with it, curious


it wont have been released yet, thats why

Im not sure how accuarte Mixed in key is but just ran it through and it says the vocal is in E minor

Ive been playing around with keys today and E minor and A minor seem to fit the best with A being more favourable IMO