Data - J'aime Pas L'art Synth Sound

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Around 0.42 there is a sublime synth sound that kicks in for the main hook. I know this should be an easy one to reproduce but I can’t quite nail it. Do you think this is a pure synth or the product of sample manipulation (I’m thinking of the attack of a bass drum looped in Ableton’s Sampler then filtered through various distortion filters)? To me this sounds definitely ‘synthy’. Any tips? :slight_smile:

Hey - any ideas on this anyone?

One thing I was thinking was perhaps the feature on Synth Squad where you can customise the width and shape of the wave to make it more crunchy. Problem is I haven’t got Synth Squad and can’t afford it. I have got Ableton Suite 8 though. Is there the ability to do this on any of the Ableton instruments? Or even Sylenth? I know you can customise the wave used by Operator in Ableton 8, but it confuses the hell out of me…!

tell me if the bass rack i sent you works out for you :slight_smile:

Hey berwin9 - yes, the bass sound you sent was excellent! I’ve sent you a PM saying thanks but I don’t think you could have got it. You are a star - thanks!

thats good to hear, hope to hear the track you use it in :smiley:

I’ll post it up once I get somewhere with it :smiley:

could you share it with the rest of us… pleaseeeeee!

[quote]phil johnston (05/03/2010)[hr]could you share it with the rest of us… pleaseeeeee![/quote]

what he said ^^^

Sorry guys - I’ve not looked at this post for a while! Is there a way to post up a file directly to the forum or do I need to redirect to a link elsewhere?

i got the instrument rack from a tutorial from this guy:

tweaked it around to get it to sound more like the data video from wicked