Dave Pensado Mixing Tips

Hi, just thought I’d post a link to these video’s, it’s all free and there are some really good tips and tricks for mixing and producing, especially in the Q&A episodes. It’s more biased towards mixing but there are a fair few production tricks in there worth taking note of. This link starts you with the first episode at the bottom of the page :slight_smile:


Also here’s the Steve Duda interview (One half of BSOD, the other being Deadmau5) This one will probably grab the most attention from people on here, but I really recommend watching all of them. Some great techniques given away.

Watched a ton of their vids… Some great stuff.

I can’t stop watching them, unbelievable how much info they give away. Hope I’m not causing any problems posting this, I just thought since it’s free it would be ok. Is it cool?

Yeah its totally cool… feel free to embed links and stuff in the forums from their site.

Thanks for the link, some great info there. Watched a few of the videos, they are pretty informative and that guy Dave Pensado cracks me up, haha. He is so absent minded, but really cool nevertheless.

I don’t know why but It wants me to pay for the video? Did they start charging for it? Or was it like that before too?

The youtube video charges you for the video for some reason, but go to the link to his webiste, they have the videos up for free.

No worries mate, glad you found it useful. There’s the “Into the Lair” tab on that website aswell (which you’ve probably already seen), they are the most informative parts of the interviews, just a shortcut to them. Yeah he’s a pretty cool bloke like haha.

Looks great – but even on the site it wants me to pay for the full episodes (at least the one with Steve Duda). Anyone else having the same issue?