Dblue glitch?

hey guys I just downloaded dblue glitch Im trying to use it the way fedde le grand does in his paradise remix with the tape stop effect avicii also does it in levels, for some reason after the note does the effect it makes a sound like its hitting another high note straight after it when there is actually no notes for it to hit its super annoying wondering if anyone knows of any other vst that will do a better job of the tape stop effect?

Try setting the SpeedUp parameter to 0 - by default it’s at 5%, so I’m guessing that’s what you’re hearing.

tried setting it to zero still same thing?

You might want to experiment with the placement and length of the effect, in addition to the parameters.

Indeed what rampus said.

It’s not just the settings, but also the placement. Play around with it a bit Nathan.

thanks guys I think I sorted it out I found that for some reason it worked better setting the placement earlier then when the note started and using the delay seemed to make it smoother