DCAM Synth Squad

Ok so now I’ve had a pretty good play with these synths.


They’re not nearly as good as I was hoping… I think Sylenth is much more preferrable to these personally.

anyone knocked up any good presets? One of the great things about sylenth is the 300 or so presets it came with to demo it’s skills, which DCAM is seriously lacking

as soon as i’ve finished the project that i am on i’ll make some patches for D.CAM i’ve been playing with both now for quite some time and i gotta say i totally disagree with you, if you compare the lows of each synth D.cam makes sylenth sound like a nats fart. i will say that sylenth is better of the big ghey trance stuff (sorry to any trance lovers but you know the stuff i mean) Unless you use Fusion and Rape your cpu then you can get some good sounds.

was think a while back about making soundsets for sylenth, v-station, d.cam, Discovery

Keep an eye out. Francis Preve is working on releasing patches for DCAM soon. Ill keep you in the loop.