Deadmau5 One Trick Pony

A tutorial on the synths in Deadmau5’s One trick pony would be awesome!



I heard from a guy who knows mau5 well that he likes to use the mini moog … he has a hardware version but sure the software one will do similar

Yeah some of deadmau5’s tracks do sound like a moog, but that’s more of his progressive stuff. One trick pony is a lot dirtier, dubstep-ish.

A good place to start would be dubstep tutorials for that nice wobbly bass, here’s some good starters:

*(Dubstep)* Create a FILTHY Heavy Wobble (Rusko or Doctor P Style) With Sylenth1 - YouTube

Tutorial 1-Dubstep Wobble Bass with Massive - YouTube

Youtube is loaded with them though. Especially for Massive.

Ahh its one i hadnt heard so thought it was his usual style. I’ll go peak it on youtube but as above plenty of tutorials on massive for stuff like that. sure you can use a moog to with a few tweaks to grit stuff up