deadmau5 SNARE help

I need help, i want the same sound on my snare as deadmau5’s song “strobe”

Strobe - Radio Edit - song and lyrics by deadmau5 | Spotify

1min 23 seconds.

Is it a gated reverb which makes it so fat?

what kind of reverb? big, small or medium?

do you have any similar snare on any tutorial so start off from there?

Can Vintagewarmer be of any help?

thanks in advance! / wild_donkeyJR

oh and one last thing, I’ve seen some cubase tutorials on here. and the guy uses hotkeys such as “G” and “H” and “ctrl + p” for zooming in and out and entering the sample pool.

I can’t do this when my virtual keyboard is up… you know the little thing where u can paus play and change bpm of the song… its like the virtual keyboard disables all hotkeys… really annoying

Its actually a snare and clap combination with more claps layered to it probably passed to some distortion unit like the culture culture to give it warmth then compressed…then it is send to a reverb with a long decay about 3s 100% size Some early reflections and thats it mess with the density and scale a bit…the reverb is activated when the song has all its elements playing

thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea what my problem could be with my hotkeys not working when virtual keyboard is up?