Decebal - Vengeance (Trance)

I would just like to know what you guys think and mainly what can I do to make my next production better.

Decebal - Vengeance (Original Mix)

Thanks for your time.

its well produced and well put together but it just sounds way too familiar to me to really appreciateā€¦

Yeah im with ekko on this one, good structure and overall well produced but definately sounds waaay too similair to some of the other trance stuff out there.

I did like the 1:28 min mark when you have riff in the breakdown come out, stood out to me as the best part in the track.

EDIT: It might be good to get a Soundcloud account, most people will only listen to something on soundcloud, dont personally know why but that just seems to be the way it is. You might get more feedback if you get oneā€¦