Decent Convolution Reverb?

Revolverb keeps crashing Ableton on my PC - using win7.

anyone have any other recommendations, preferably freeware but willing to pay if needs be.

I’m a fan of

Oops, forgot to say I have the full version which was only £30. They have a LE version that is free you could check out.

thanks chris going to give the Le version a quick twirl and see how i like it.

this is perfect thank you

[quote]chrismcg (28/06/2010)[hr]I’m a fan of[/quote]

Top find… great sounding reverb… cheap as chips too

Glad you like it. In the full version you can do some fun things with the LFOs and Chorus. I haven’t played with the Delay introduced in 1.5 yet.

Looking forward to this library being released Bricasti M7 impulse response files - Samplicity