Deep House - Beach House

Hey everyone, here’s a track I’ve produced using the Korg Polysix for the main elements - Bass and pads. Other sounds came from the Korg M1 and Sylenth1.

Feedback very welcome!


Hey Olly

It’s got a good strong vibe to it. The mix sounds fine on my set up at home. Enjoyed it overall. :slight_smile:

May need to turn the resonance down on the bass a touch. There’s a couple of moments when it kinda pops forward out of the mix to me. Usually when there’s only it and a couple of other sounds active. When there’s more going on the resonance helps it cut through.

If it were mine I’d maybe cut or filter or modulate more the rhythm synth that hits twice per bar. I feel it needs a bit more variation for a sound that’s so prominent.

Hope that helps!

Hi Jon, Thanks so much for your feedback - all good points, I’m going to make a few changes and then bounce it again! :slight_smile:

Definitely has a good vibe to it.

At :33 the hat introduction sounds off. Then I realized thats the arrangement. Dont like the double hits, it sounds off to me, especially for this style of music. But after the kick ends, it kinda sits better in the mix. 1:22, really like the plucky sound! But then again, I’m a sucker for arp type sounds.

Overall it sounds really good, good job man!

Nice track!! Maybe you can make the bassline a bit more fatter, I’m also not a really big fan of the double hi-hat. further, great sound!!

Lots of potential here!

But for me this is no-where near a finished track - so hard to judge properly!

I think you need to add quite a few extra elements, such as extra percussion, maybe another higher layer for the bass later in the track, FX etc.

I thought that the bass didn’t have enough powerful low end - which is key to a track like this where the bass is such a prominent feature of the track.

Also would have preferred to hear the bass play a busier riff in the break to fill out the track more - with 2 slightly different versions of the bass creating a call and answer type riff for the track.

Think the chord melody could use some modulation and automation to give it variety.

Kick needs to be much more powerful when it comes back in after the break to give more impact.

And overall the sounds need to be wider and more ‘powerful’ / larger in this kind of track, as there is only a limited amount of stuff going on at any one time - so everything needs to be pretty big and have lots of impact.

This is nice!nbsp; /PPAlthough I’m with David on his reply about the bass./PPBeef it (little bit of overdrive and compression, maybe parallel), and maybe put in some separate sub bass line ‘stabs’ to fill in the gapsnbsp;innbsp;the main bass line to deepen the groove.nbsp; I think there’s plenty of room for a sub bass because, though it matches the rest of the track, you’re kick is not that deep /PPReally nice the way you automated the strings and synths in the break, great work!/PPCheers /PPNico

Liked it overall. br
Would add a bit of variation in the congas in the break though. And maybe giving the kick a bit more meat by compressing it slightly. It has a nice attack, but missing a bit on the body side of the
Nice job!