Deep House Course

HI Im currently following and working my way through the deep house course 2012 and have a couple of questions. 

I am using cubase 6 so how can i mono the Arp Bass Channel Lo without a Mono plugin like in ableton, Can this be done in Cubase to Take a vst output and make it mono.

Also in the video on drum parts, a Simple delay was added to the 2nd Hi Hat using a 5th setting, How does this differ to the 1/4 1/8 1/16 settings on most delays in cubase and what settings can i use to replicate this?

Many Thanks

Mister H.

Would have thought there must be a native plugin in Cubase that can mono a channel?

If not, there are lots of third-party ones out there, alot of them are free, just google "mono plugin and you will see them all, i would download 3 or 4 of the free ones and try them, and see which one you like the most.