Deep House - Keep On

A new one just finished today. I may need to tweak the mix a bit depending on what you guys say and how it plays on various devices.

It’s a private link and I’ll only keep it active for a little bit.

Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.




The site seems quiet these days. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good to me.

Only thing is that the kick is missing some body. As if there’s a bit too much low cut.

Thanks fella. You could be right, as I tend to make harsh cuts in the really low frequencies. Maybe just need to make a small boost in the low mids to add some body back. I’ll take a look at that.

I worked on the kick and EQ’d elements of the track overall a little more to give parts more clarity.

Still could use a bit of a bigger/meatier kick, but that’s my personal taste.

Another thing that struck out was that there’s a pad from beginning to end that is constantly the same. Could use a bit of automation. Or simply leave it out in some parts (breaks).

But I gotta hand it out to you, this is quite a good track. Very good production & arranging work. Sounds professional!

Thanks Daniel. I’m really happy with the track overall. Normally I’ve gone off my work by the time the arrangement is done but I’m still liking this one.

I’ll leave the kick as it is, I’m okay with where it is now. You are right about the pad with chorded hit though. I’ve cut it out for a few bars where appropriate and added some minor modulation to the bass cut off to perk up parts. I’ll post the final final final version asap.

Funnily enough, I’ve found that this kind of process works really well for me. Arranging out and then leaving the track to soak in and settle for a few days before doing final changes.

Exactly what I do as well.

Listen to it in the car. And having some constructive feedback as well. I always find that very refreshing and helpful!

Sounds great, one thing I would personally do is give the arpeg a chance to shine a bit more and let it take the lead on the track for a while.

Aside from that Daniaan’s advice is spot on, cant wait to hear the new version. It does sound very professionally arranged.

Great track!/PPReally, on my setup (which is far from ideal I admit) it sounds great.nbsp; I would say leave the kick as it is now because anything heavier or beefier (is that a word?) could take away the attention from the nice progression you’ve got going on./PPThe only thing that you could try to change (just to see if it works out): that pad-stab-thing you guys were discussing above, there’s a reverb on it which might (to my opinion, in my home setup,…) benefit from little cutting in the low end.nbsp; In some places it gives me a sense of “clogged up low end”, though it is never really clogged up I got that kind of sense.nbsp; I listened to it a few times before I could put my finger on it, but I think it might ‘lighten up’ the low end that little bit more for the groove to come through/PPAnyway, it’s a very nice track! And I’ve got nothing more to say about it/PPCheers!/PPNico