Deep House Track, Feedback Please!

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im only new to producing Deep House since i always made Prog, so feedback is essential here! thanks!

hey Dean, good track mate.

Perhaps, in that second break (starting about 2:38), you inject a little too much energy into the track with that rising tone underneath.

Other than that, sounds good to me.

thanks for the feedback!

Yeah after listening to it again im not fully happy with the arangement and i think ill have a look at that riser too!


Oooh nice track, sounds somewhat dark…

Enjoyed that!

Ah thanks a lot man, kind of going for a chilout vibe!

Glad you liked it!

It definately had a chilled out vibe, just a sort of sinister one?

Would love to hear it when its completed!

Free bump! Deserves it!

Thanks Man,

Been sending it out to labels the last while, trying to get a decent one this time, iv made so many mistakes with terrible labels before!

Anyway you can have the full Mp3 Original Mix if you want :smiley:

One segment in the full version has this very nice atmospheric sound, might have been good to put that bit in the preview, very nice use of background noise/atmospherics!

Yeah thanks, looking back on the arangement, i think it follows a more progressive feel to it in the breakdown especially, not a deep house arrangement… would you agree?