Deep House Tutorial

Hey guys, would you mind giving some feedback on this please? Updated: filled out the bass a little. thanks. (unmastered)br
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I wouldnt classify this to deep house
Some things I would improve on this one is the bass ( do you use one ? I got my woofer to the max and heard nothing but the kick ) br
You have some good breaks , maybe add some more FX in some parts ? br
I like the title a lot on the track after the moment I heard the vocal sample haha ! :smiley:

Thanks for feedback. I will be working on the bass. Just added a sub and in the process of getting some traps. Thanks about the title. If I was not quite so ugly, I would post the cover I did too. It’s hilarious, in a freaky ugly kinda way. :hehe: Maybe when I get the track right I will add it for a giggle.

steven is right. not deep house and yeah improve your
but i like the vocals and the pad. br
the synth that is added in 2:06 or so is great. im also a fan of the glassy

Thank you. Its good to know I’m making progress :slight_smile: All down to the tutorial and Phil’s advice.