Deep house!

New deep house track

Personally I found the track repetitive. Has some nice elements but its just slow.

To tackle this I would recommend tweaking the cymbals and shakers as the track progresses, try more modulation and also do things with your bassline.

Maybe its just me but I also felt the bassline didnt fit the track, not in terms of notes but its actual sound?

Hope you dont get offended by my feedback, definitely has some nice elements just needs polishing.

tnx for the feedback i love my tracks this way tho xd and about the bassline i find it ok :smiley: i dont know mate …i guess its a matter of taste…but sure polishing somethings would be cool…about the repetitve thing its more of a club track then something to listen to i would say…I increased the tempo tho to 126 much better now :smiley:

(did not get offended) :smiley: tnx :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t listen to the track right now - but are you modulating / automating / evolving things over time as the track progresses?

This is what alot of the best tracks in this genre do, and alot of the time, you don’t even consciously notice the changes in the sound, as they are so subtle, but your ears and brain do pick up on them on some level and this stops the track from becoming boring as it progresses.

So if you are not making these subtle changes as the track progresses - then maybe it would be good to add it in?

I’ll try and listen to the track when i get home though - offer some more direct feedback.

i think you have a good foundation, just more interest is needed methinks :slight_smile:


I found your sound very good. It is very subtle that is good in this jaunra. Maybe the intro is a bit long, but overall is not too boring. And the whitenoise is good. Levels on the percs is also really where they should be.

Keep it up!