Deep Tom between Kicks?

I Think it’s a tom (like the Swedish House Tutorial) or in the one case, a distinct pluck with a pretty thick tone to it. It seems like a lot of house tracks fit these in between the kick drums for that distinct rhythm that’s quite catchy and addictive. Maybe I’m trying too hard, but these sounds seem simple, yet I can never get them to translate as well.

Dirty South & Sebastian Ingrosso - Meich (Original Mix) - YouTube

(1:05 in)

This sounds like a synth drum with some sort of sine waves, but I cannot get mine as punchy as theirs or to sit right in the mix. With the technique used in the swedish house tutorial they are pitching multiple tom samples but still doesn’t sound as punchy.

Do you guys think it’s done with a synth or layered tom samples?

you’ll find with this sort of thing that it will be a Mixture Percussion, Hats, Sub Sounds and Synth leads that all follow the same pattern.

The magic is usually in the groove.

if you listen you’ll notice that later in the track the shaker, lead and Chord sound all have notes hitting on the off beat percussion (Tom)