Delete track from tractor

Sometimes Tractor asks to delete track from deck before before tags or track info can be removed. Is there a way to remove a track from deck and leave it empty? The only way I can get the track out is load another one.

To unload a deck there is either a hot key or you can assign one using

Preferences - Midi Mappings

You can assign a key on your keyboard to unload Deck A and one to unload Deck B or you can use your Midi controller.

Out of interest, why do you want to unload a deck?

Thanks for your reply. If I try to delete a track that is in a deck a prompt says “Some tracks are loaded into decks and therefore cannot be deleted. Please unload them first”

I can find no reference as to how to do this in the PDF or the Sonic tutorials. Are the hot keys already set up? While on the subject of hotkeys can i simulate a crossfader on my Mac keyboard or Kontrol X1? As you can see I’m not too well up on midi mapping. Thanks, jd

I have just had a look on my Traktor and the default setting for unloading a deck is

CTRL + Shift + Left arrow for left deck

CTRL + Shift + Right arrow for right deck.

If you go to Settings then Controller Manager you can see what all the mappings are.

At the top of the screen there will be a pull down list  which contains all the controllers you have, the first one will be Generic Keyboard, which is your keyboard.

Under that is a list of of Traktor controls. The column Control has the Traktor control and the column mapped to has the key it is mapped to. You can scroll down and see what is mapped to what.

as for the X1 cross fader, you can use this to map anything you like. It seems complicated at first but it is worth taking the time to learn. The only way you will get it set up properly is to work it out by playing around with it (export before you start so you can import again if it goes wrong) or read the pdf.

Yeah, got into all that…great, thanks a million…jd