Deorro Pogo, TJR Whats Up Sukaz

Hello everyone,br
I’ve been trying to get this lead/bass electro talky synth. I’ve got pretty close but just wanted to see if any of you had some advice. I’ve tried using FM operator with the WOW filter with close results but not close enough. Hope all is well and enjoy your memorial day!br
Deorro - Pogo @ 1:15 Laidback Luke feat. Majestic - Pogo (Deorro Remix) - YouTube
TJR @ 1:15- - YouTube

Deorro is the ***** master when it comes to vocal synths man, alot of his synths are actual vocal cuts, and i know for a fact he rewires Reason maelstrom to get ALOT of his synths, thats all i got for ya