Detroit Techno (Rolando - Jaguar ; Jeff Mills - The Bells, ...)

Hello everybody!

I think it should be a great idea to make some “detroit-related” tutorial!

Techno was born in Detroit, and it has influenced the whole electronic world for years!

Would like to learn some things on the techno rythmic patterns (TR 909, …)

But the most important point is the melodic part (as the detroit techno (and even electro)) are really melodic!

Look at the lead, pads (!!!), strings (!!!), … and these amazing “percusive melodies” !

The best example would be this one :

- YouTube

Let me know if you can help with it! Would subscribe on S-A if there was such a tutorial (how to make jaguar :'D) and I know a LOOOOT of people who would.

Hi man welcome to the forums, firstly you should check out the 2 techno tutorials that are on the site. They will get you started, not quite detroit but you can take something from them! :slight_smile:

Then you need to head over to where the cool kids hang out, the techno thread in this part of the forum and post some videos of the type of thing you want see. Also check out the techno thread in music discussion :slight_smile:

Yep what that guy said :cool:

Here are the links



Oh yes welcome as well and have fun learning here too :slight_smile:

and you’ll need a militia avatar too… :smiley:

[quote]Mussi81 (21/12/2010)[hr]and you’ll need a militia avatar too… :D[/quote]

Oh yeah forgot about that :smiley:


[quote]ICN (22/12/2010)[hr]cough


Damn splitters :smiley:

+1 on that!

i’d also like to see a tutorial on the melodic side of techno!!

+1 :slight_smile:

+1 it would be a nice addition to the techno tutorials !!


any news on some kind of tutorials ? :smiley:

It is pretty well documented that the detroit folks used a Yamaha DX7 for their bass and melody - so it may be worth you geting a NI FM8

Or buy a dx7 :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

[quote]Mussi81 (17/01/2011)[hr]Or buy a dx7 :slight_smile: :)[/quote]

or a tx7:D

[quote]slender (17/01/2011)[hr][quote]Mussi81 (17/01/2011)[hr]Or buy a dx7 :slight_smile: :)[/quote]

or a tx7:D[/quote]

Yeah, I have a tx and it can make some really cool fm sounds :slight_smile: and it’s cheap. I paid about £70 Inc postage :slight_smile:

Not sure how similar it is to a dx though

[quote]Mussi81 (17/01/2011)[hr]Not sure how similar it is to a dx though[/quote]

Really I thought it was rhe same withput the K/board - I may be wrong - been looking for one for a little while

Yeah I think it is! Thats why I got it anyway, but I haven’t used a dx7 so I can not confirm or deny :smiley:

Here are some posts from ableton’s website might be usefull !