Detune/transpose in ableton

Hey guys,

if i have an audio sample which is in key Am per example and i

want to change it to key A , who do i know how much i have to detune/transpose ?

does that work properly?

thank you very much!

Eminor. Have many pitches.I would suggest to use a tunner to see what keys does the sample have . And edit with your daw. If it is a chords or stab that constitute a Eminor u might need a pitch shift tuner. Cubase have a great plug in for it but I don’t kknow about ableton

you wanting to go form Am (minor) to A (major)?

if it say a chord sample… it could be very difficult as you cant actually get at the original individual notes.

@ phill. I tought u can change the pitch of the chord with a plug in like autotune. Well I was thinking since it correct the pitch of any sound based in a customized chord. Is this correct ? Or this only works vocals ?