Did not get validation mail

i have just subscribed today and did not get any validation mail so i can not see any videos. i did recive two other mails telling i had paid but did not recive the one from sonicacademy

Me too. What’s going on?

fernandorios1 - your account has been ammended.

bigvalbowski - i can’t see any problems with yours?

you email has been verified and your account is ‘subscriber plus’

I have the same problem I paid but no email for verifying my account , please could you solve it ??

me too, just made the payment and received the 2 conformation emails but nothing else. please help

check your pm’s!

same thing happened to me, hurry up and sort it :slight_smile:

ahh seems to be working now, thanks :smiley:

ME  3 what gives…hopefully this will be corrected soon …sent an email to suport last night as well.

Me 4

This process should be automated, its either very broken (and has been for some time judging by the amount of similar forum posts) or doesnt exist

Its no good customer service popping up on monday and saying sorry all sorted, its frustrating at best. Please fix this process!!

bad form

this is currently being worked on by our web developer.

both of your accounts however are working.