Dirty Dutch BANGER (ahem!) I just made called Save Us - Thoughts?

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At the mastering stage, VERY close to being done. Feels a little “bright” to me, too much top end. Let me know what you think – feedback on song structure, mastering, whatever you got, I’d love to hear it.

BTW, made this using the new Dirty Dutch tutorial as a model.

Here’s the embedded player:

Listened to this a couple of times, but don’t think it’s too bright.

It’s finished I’d say!

Sounds really solid. And that with the help of a SA tutorial! Great work. Might consider offering this to Spinnin’ Records.

Thanks a ton for the feedback. I actually just finished it. Did a bit more than mastering, re-uploaded it. Have another listen and let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

Enjoyed that, at first I was just flicking through different bits so hearing the different melodies sounded a bit wrong, but listening to it the whole way through the melody change works. Nice work!

its very well produced and put together, i jut have an aversion those kinda stabby lead sounds and hoovers :stuck_out_tongue: fun music to bounce around to im sure :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, guys!

Yeah, I’m not 100% sold on the hoovers myself (but I LOVE the stabby synths! :)), but they worked and I was already at like 100 hours working on the track. It was time to call it so I could start fresh on a new track. :slight_smile:

Nice work! good to see you putting in to practice some tips from the tutorials!

If it where me id spend a bit more time on the melodies. They dont sound wrong or anything but i always feel you should be able to hum the tune after a first listen.

always a good indication of getting it right.

Thanks for the feedback, Phil. Agreed. Can’t stomach another minute on this tune; something to focus on for the next one. :slight_smile: