Dirty dutch house/electro like Afrojack or Sydney Samson

I would love to see a “how to sound like” in the style of Afrojack or Sydney Samson. Dutch house/dirty house/electro style. This is the latest Afrojack :w00t:: Afrojack ft. Eva Simons - Take Over Control (Official Music Video) [HD] - YouTube


Get oddity synth load preset DistrortDuo2 Up the VCF Freq knob a tad - job done

Turn the glide on and play notes in high octaves.

Make one saw osc. Add a bit detune, or pitch it a bit like -2 semitones or -3. I dont know if that will work, but u should try it.

don’t know if this is the sorta thing you want.


[quote]Jon_fisher (07/11/2010)[hr]don’t know if this is the sorta thing you want.


Yes thats the kind of sound i mean thanx :slight_smile: But i would also love to see tutorial where such a whole song is created, with all the drums and effects :smiley: