Disco Tech House

Feedback would be appreciated as always. Thinking about recording a vocal for this to.

Paul Lock - Disco Sunshine by DJlockstar

its a good track mate just not really my thing, i like the production tho :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to listen. Appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I really like it.

Very well produced. I was actually surfing the internet while listening and forgot I was listening to a student.

Great stuff man.

Nice rolling groove, sounds like Ben Sims. Good work.

damn! where did you get that kickdrum? it was phaat. i would like to have one of those

Can’t fault that at all Paul. Very professional arrangement and mix. Can see that being played out.

Thanks to all who have commented on this track. Think this has had more likes than any other that I have posted up on here. Im pleased that everyone seems to like it. Think Im going to send this one out to a few labels. Not even sure where to start with Disco/Funky house labels really.

The Kick was form Vengeance.Future.House.Vol.2

The VFH2 128BPM Timebomb Kick

Little compression with vintage warmer and EQ to smooth it out a little.

Hope that helps.

Thanks again guys


Sounds french to me :wink: Nice groovy track.

Love that “woo” sound, great track!

Very nice track… If I had to say one thing, the “whiny” string riser, which is cool, I think gets used too many times… Other than that… very nice

very well produced. a bit repetitive, but still very nice job overall!

I liked it it had a Well balanced proportion of new school and old school :smiley: