Distorted Voice Scream With Ableton

Hi there,

Im wondering how to make the distorted effect in this song:

Nas - Hate Me Now (Official HD Video) ft. Puff Daddy - YouTube

(Hate Me Now (featuring Puff Daddy) at 1:15)

It is the part that Puff Daddy is screaming something in the background. It should be some trick with the vocoder + distortion + overdrive I think, but I still can’t quite make it.

Thanks for your time :).

Try the Rectifier preset its from one of Abletons distortion unit effects i just cant remember which one lol… But you can search it under Lives devices…

I think I got it - Saturator drive to the MAX, with BENDPASS auto filter to get only the top frequencies, and a Limiter to turn the volume down.

Thanks for your hints :slight_smile: