Distortion on exported track (using Ableton)

Hi there,br
I’m using Ableton Live 8 Beta and I’m hearing this odd crackling distorted noise on my exported song (that is once I’ve finished editing it on Ableton and have clicked “export audio” and have opened it through iTunes). I have already made sure the master volume isn’t peaking, as in turning red".br
Please help asap, there’s a guy at a record label that wants my song but i need to sort this out first.br
Many thanks,br
William N-C

What does it sound like when you drop the file back in to ableton?

Do you mean opening the iTunes file in Ableton or playing the song I put together?

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does the exported waveform show evidence of being distorted?

You might want to try freezing and flattening any tracks that are using VSTs. It’ll lower the CPU load.

make sure the sample rate isnt too high… around 48000… i made it higher before and it sounded terrible

What he said. Check the sample rate. I used to get something like this when I used asio4all on my pc at work.