Distribution/Release advice

hi guys

some of you may have seen that i put up a couple of tracks in the “tunes” section on here that a singer called grace is going to be singing on. now ive recorded her vocals and im mixing them now.
she will be performing the track at a concert in spain in june and will also be playing it on the radio in spain while doing her interview.
what things should i get her to mention on air. that were looking for a distributor? label release?
id like some advice on how we can best use this opportunity on the radio. wed like the track released and out there as much as poss for the most “financial return”. i know, i know, i shouldnt really say them dirttty words but… with a little more money under my belt i can concentrate on the music full time thats not wrong is it? :S

some advice from the SA team would be awesome seeing as theyve “been there, done that” :cool:

thank you!!

nothing wrong with a profit motive, as long as it is ethical