Divine - EDM and Pop Vocal Acapellas / 762

Divine - EDM and Pop Vocal Acapellas

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Divine is a neat and versatile 1 GB+ folder of 10 fully stemmed-out EDM and pop style vocals, from the talented, Czech born vocalist Anna Zitnikova.

The acapellas feature catchy lyrics and beautifully recorded vocals. Each acapella comes in 24-bit WAV files and ranges from 97 to 174 bpm and are 100% royalty-free.

This pack is tailored to suit a miscellany of different electronic music genres including; Future Bass, Future House, Dubstep, Trap, Drum and Bass and many others…you are bound to find an amazing vocal for your project from these vocal sessions no matter what style of music you are making.

I don’t like writing these kind of comments but unfortunately I wished I had not purchased this sample pack.
The vocals are out of tune and at times the odd words seem totally out of key.
It states 10 full songs. The verses and choruses can be very short with long pauses and not all of the sets have a bridge.

I won’t be using this sample pack, which is a shame as her voice is quite distinct and has a nice tone.

Sorry to read that this sample pack didn’t meet your expectations but it’s a 3rd party sample pack and Sonic Academy is only a reseller here, they aren’t involved in the content creation.

I had a listen to the demo from SA product page and the vocals are heavily processed with auto-tuning and doubling effects at lower pitch, which is likely done on purpose to accommodate some more moderns genres but may not provide with super clean and more classic acappella recordings unfortunately.