DIY Acoustic Panels

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Here is a quick an easy guide to building some DIY Broadband Absorbers for your studio. This guide is based on the ones that someone made for there own home studio which is very small, it can however be easily adapted to your own personal requirements.

For around £150 they made, but if you shop about you can do for a lot cheaper

4 Corner Panels - 455mm x 1200mm x 200mm

2 Side Panels - 600mm x 1200 x 200mm

2 Rear Panels - 455mm x 1200mm x 100mm

1 Front Panel - 455mm x 1200mm x 100mm


Knauf DriTherm Cavity Slab Insulation (455mm x 1200mm x 100mm) - 12 Slabs per pack - £21.99

Wickes Insulation Slabs (600mm x 1200mm x 50mm) - 10 Slabs per pack - £29.99

Black Cotton Fabric - £2.99 / metre

DITTE Fabric, black, 140 cm - IKEA

Loctite Glue Gun - £9.98 + 6 Glue Refills for about £5

Eyelet Pliers - £4.99


Plasterboard plugs, Screws, String, Rubber Gloves and…

Once you’ve bought all that comes the easy part…


  1. Plug in your Glue Gun to get it warmed up!

  2. Lay out your fabric (which is wide enough to wrap all the way around your panels) and place 1 slab on it for a 100mm thick panel, 2 for 200mm thick panel and so on. Make sure you have about a foot of fabric left at each end and cut from the roll.

  3. Wrap the fabric around the panel so that the two sides meet, make sure it’s as tight as you can get it without deforming the shape of your panel and hot glue a single line down one edge, press down and rub for a few seconds (be careful though, it will be hot!) The glue dries fast, full bond after a minute or two!

  4. At each end you need to do a bit of folding, maybe trimming and inserting your Eyelets. This can be a bit tricky but after one or two panels you’ll have your preferred way of doing this. Then hot glue, leaving some edges unglued so you can thread some string through the Eyelets for mounting.

    That’s pretty much it, once all your panels are done just feed some string through the Eyelets for mounting!


Cool post, pretty simple way of doing it!

you don’t have to put the horrible itchy fiber glass crap in them though, see if you can find the cotton wool blocks or dense sheets.

hi jon any idea where you can get the cotton insultaion? wickes aint got it. gonna be building my own vocal booth in a couple of weeks. pimped out with its own control station inside to control my daw from afar :wink:

while were on the subject… whats the best for containing acoustics?  polystyrene blocks, cotton wool blocks, fibre glass blocks, dense blocks etc etc… ill obviously buy the best. want to create a vocal booth to both keep the exterior sound out and also stop the vocalists screaming voice from being heard by my nighbours… lol

all tips welcome!! :wink: