DJ Dan Annihilated (Dopamine Peak Time Remix) - HTSL bass?

Hey guys,

have you heard the Dopamine remix of this DJ Dan track? I dig the bass…pretty dope. How do you think this was done? It sounds relatively simple, like layered detuned bass. I’m trying to reverse engineer the track and figure out how to do this kind of dirty grindy bass but I haven’t nailed it yet.

- YouTube

Seems like a lot of the same techniques used in the fidget tutorial. Dan is a friend of mine so I suppose I could ask him, but I’d rather just come out with my own track and give it to him…lol :wink:

I’m DJing @ Burning Man in September and want to have some fresh nasty tracks ready. :slight_smile:

Here’s another couple Dopamine remixes…they all have that same nasty bass. Good stuff! I’m generally more into stuff like Thomas Gold, Vandalism etc…but I do want to get down this style.

- YouTube

Circuit Freq - Push Button Reject (Dopamine remix) - YouTube

Any tips on how this style is done?


Are you up in L.A. or close to that area? I’m down in San Diego and was looking to possibly produce tracks with someone who uses Ableton also. As far as the bass sound, I’m not sure but the song rocks.

I live in La La land! :wink: I’m pretty sure that bass was done with a 303 and maybe something layered over it just for the rasp, but that could be fx… Where abouts in SoCal are you lot? I live in LA proper. Big into the minimal scene here. I’m a breaks head at heart, but that seems to not exist anywhere other than the UK these days…


I live in Vegas.

Yeah could be a 303. I haven’t heard the original so I don’t know how much Dan telling me what he used will help.

You guys ever been to Burning Man? Its pretty wild! Its in September - I’m DJing @ Root Society there…a massive dance camp, we have a pretty sick lineup (Joachim Garraud, Hatiras, Jelo, Deadmau5, Will Bailey of Twocker, Carl Cox, Bassnectar, Lee Coombs etc etc)- something like 40 DJ’s this year.

Is that rasp in the track just from portamento? All Dopamine remixes have that same dirty style rasp sound.

Nah, portamento is the slide between two notes. You adjust that to set how quickly you want it to slide. If I had to guess, its either simple distortion, or its a duplicated part thats been high passed and reverbed to hell. Then layered back over the top. High passing it takes out the bass and gives it that mid level raspy sound. That’s just my opinion though on how it was made…


towards the end there is a part that sounds like the bass is being “unwound”…perhaps its dropping back down in rate and chopped up?