Dj s secret mixing

hi everybady i have a very importante question how the pro dj mixt the famous song i mean how they can get juste the accapella (vocal) i dont thing that there is a softwar we can use it to separate song and instrument lot of people asking about that i hope that some on have the true answer abiut this secret question of the pro djs

What you need to realise is a lot of the pro djs also produce music. these djs generally get things thrown at them for nothing.  Pro djs who remix tracks can approach record labels for permission to remix tracks and normally the label will provide samples to help them remix the track. i can only image the vocals will be given to them as well without the music.

first thx you son much for your answer

you mena that the record label who help dj to get a song without music i mena juste accapella so if i have a ide i need juste contact my label record and they can contact or aske the singer for the accapella?

Apologies if I don’t answer your question completely correctly, I just had a little trouble trying to understand exactly what you mean. But from what I gather is you wanted to know how the pro DJs can remix tracks with acapellas that arn’t usually available?

The record label will release the part to the DJ or record label that the DJ is remixing for, or sometimes the DJ may be remixing for the record label that the part is already licensed too.

At any means a payment will have to be paid to publshing / licensing. It can be a costly afair if the part isn’t already owned by the same record company that wants to use the vocal. That is why many artists may get someone to resing the track, its not so much in publishing costs then.

If you are looking for a specific vocal, try contacting the record label, however if you do release the track with any copywrited parts then you will have to pay.