Djm 800 and cdj 1000 mk3

I’m selling a djm 800 and cdj 1000 mk3. Both of them are in mint condition and were bought a year ago. I bought them before I was good enough to play, so they received maybe thirty hours of play time. I am now going to go the ableton live route. I want 800 plus the price of shipping for the cdj and 1000 plus shipping for the djm 800 mixer. Both do not have a single scratch. I will record video of the products and also take pictures to prove ever thing is in perfect working condition. I will accept paypal as long as you pay the fees associated with it and anything chase bank can accept. If you are interested let me know. I’ll take pictures and the video for you.

Probably want to mention where you are and what currency, because if it’s in pounds it’s hella expensive, if however it’s in rupees I’ll take them!

That’s hella expensive in any money! I picked up two mk2 1000’s a month or so ago for 1000 USD for the pair! Craigslist FTW!!! Granted they’re not the the mk3, but if you really think there’s that much of a difference!


A cdj1000mk3 goes for over £1000 in most places here in the uk!

Im currently in the process of trying to sell a pair, I feel they will end up on ebay though.

I am from America.