DJs verus Producers

I am going to go on a small rant about DJs versus producers.

DJs play music. Producers create music.

DJs play other people songs. Producers create their own songs.

Being a DJ does not make you an artist. Producing can make you an artist.

All producers could learn to DJ. Not all DJs can learn to produce.

I’m sure most of you know this. But I had to post it up here anyway.

There are loads of DJs that consider themselves artists. But don’t make music.

DJs that consider themselves artists but dont produce are full of sh*t in my mind.

How do most of the people on this site feel about DJs versus producers?

damn i can’t spell versus. LOL :hehe:

If a dj is creative then you could argue they are being artistic

I know plenty of DJ’s that are mad creative. DJ Craze and Qbert and all those guys are considered DJ’s and they are super creative. But I understand where you are coming from.

What do you think about Bad Boy Bill?

‘back in the day’ DJing was the way for an individual to express their taste in music and entertain others. An ordinary person simply didn’t have the knowledge/money/equipment/contacts needed for music production.

All that has changed now and there is no future for DJ’s who don’t produce. Maybe weddings lol!

Bad Boy Bill owns beatport. I’ve met him. Hung out with him. Dropped him off @ airport.

He’s a great DJ. Not a great producer. Behind the Decks 2 is awesome.

But he didnt produce those songs.

If you check the TOP 100 DJ list. He’s not on there anymore.

I attribute this to the fact that he doesnt produce his own music.

He has plenty of cash through beatport, so he probably doesnt care.

To me being creative is not the same thing as being an artist.

I agree that people didnt have the same resources 10 years ago as they do today.

At the same time there are plenty of DJs that have engineers make their music (tiesto comes to mind)

qubert & craze… sure they have talent as DJs. I’ve seen them play 2.

But they will never reach the heights they could if they were producers.

i disagree with a lot of your points

[quote]UnitedVision (09/06/2010)[hr]

All producers could learn to DJ. Not all DJs can learn to produce.[/quote]

I don’t agree with that statement at all. I’ve seen many big producers who have been sht DJs, likewise i’ve seen many DJs who’ve been sht producers.

Just because you’re good at one, doesn’t mean you’re automatically good at the other.

Stig (Top Gear) might be an awesome driver, but that doesn’t mean he can build them.

You can’t tell me anyone can learn to DJ because that’s really undermining the talent it takes to make a good DJ.

Anyone can mix two tunes together (although many times DJ’s can’t even do that), but there is a lot more to DJing than mixing two tunes together, not just skill wise, but also the ability to work a crowd, read a crowd and interact with a crowd, those arn’t something you can pick up in a bedroom either, it takes years of practice.

Are DJ’s artists? Not really, they’re performers, but don’t ever undermine the real talent it takes to be a good DJ.

The problem with the ‘Top 100 DJs’ thing is it’s not based on DJ talent, only producer talent. Deadmau5 can’t DJ yet he’s high in the Top 100 DJ’s list, ironic eh.

i dont think your arguments hold much weight. i think djs are artists. planning a set list , learning how to read a crowd, knowing what type of songs to play when, as howie said “turntablism”. these are all lent to a a dj set that are supposed to communicate a message. in my mind thats a artist. some people communicate through art, pictures, movies etc.

some people would consider taking a dump on a piece of canvas and call it art and call the person a artist. i wouldnt want to see it but he still trying to create something to evoke a response in the person.

i can make a loop thats 16 bars long and make a 5 min track out of it with minimal effort. i can think of times when dj ing i put more thought and concentration into the set than i would making a mediocre track

i agree with tommyt

the are creative bartenders, shop assistants and as we’ve learned last year bankers :stuck_out_tongue:

i think when it comes down to it who and what you think are artists is a opinion thing.

many big time pop acts dont write their tunes but still get bunched into the creative artist category.

i dont think this is a argument that can ever be settled. only agree to disagree with each other

I think the most relevent thing posted here was by Kieran Mach. These days it is extremly difficult to get regular gigs where you want to play music you like(eg EDM) without producing. It is the main reason I got into producing. I love djing but promoters generally want someone who has been in the beatport top 100 with a few of their tracks & say "supported by Armin/Tiesto in their 3rd person bios.

The OP said all producers can be djs, but not all djs can be producers. This is wrong IMO. You could be a dj “trying” to produce, it’s just that your bad at it. It is easier to get away with being a producer & a bad dj though.

Roben & a few of the other regulars made good points too.

they are different skills

if djing is so easy how come there are so many sh*t ones?

Shadow produces and he aint much bigger than craze or qbert.

I pretty much disagree with it all actually,

Listen to Joris Voorn’s Balance mix and tell me thats not artistry (i know he is a producer but that was a dj dj’ing on that cd)


Tell me 2many Dj’s first radio soulwax mix is not artistry.

And without dj’s playing produces tracks how would they ever make it big,

Deadmau5 plays his own stuff alright but relied on people like Chris Lake, Pete tong and even Tiesto playing “Faxing Berlin” to brake him…

He would have never made it without those dj’s backing.

good point with soulwax, that 2 many djs mix was classic, i think its a piece of mixing art

Well, I think DJ’s can be considered artist if they do things considered unique and cutting edge.  Frankly though, I could care less what someone considers themselves.  Less time worrying about others and what they consider themselves means more time to worry about improving myself.

this is like a debate on vinyl vs cdj’s

[quote]tommyt (10/06/2010)[hr]this is like a debate on vinyl vs cdj’s[/quote]



[quote]tommyt (10/06/2010)[hr]this is like a debate on vinyl vs cdj’s[/quote]

or ableton vs logic :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]tommyt (09/06/2010)[hr]good point with soulwax, that 2 many djs mix was classic, i think its a piece of mixing art[/quote]

Yeah I gotta agree, that was some piece of work that mix!!

If a mix is creative then sure that’s art, but rarely these days will you hear a creative mix. So most DJs would fall into the catagory of performer over artist, however yeah i do agree, a mix like the 2manyDJs one (or even some of DJ Yodas mix tapes) would defo be considered as creative art.