DLC Presets for ANA 2 CMD not showing up

I bought this yesterday cant get the cmd dlc presets to work they are not showing up, I can’t even go to it because it’s not lit up. Help please!!??

Hey there @Nick_Moore

Just a side note about posting on the forums, thanks to use the appropriate category for posting. I had to move your post to a new topic in the Technical Support category, you posted on the ANA 2 promotion sale topic which shouldn’t be used to report issues other than trouble or questions about purchase.

You should have created a new topic instead, it makes things easier for follow up. Also, when reporting issues with plugins, thanks to include details like your OS ( Win / Mac ) & version, if you’re using a 32 or 64 bit version of the plugin and which version of the plugin you’re running. That really help to understand what could be going wrong as to provide you with some help, thank you :wink:

Did you buy & installed additional Presets Packs for ANA 2 ?

The DLC Presets inside CMD should only contains presets from expansion packs ( and that is if the pack includes CMD Presets - Presets Vol 01 & Vol 03 at the moment ), if you haven’t installed any extension pack with such presets then it should be empty.

You should have factory presets inside “Multi” & “Single”. Select the CMD Tab at the center of ANA 2’s GUI to expand the full view and check what you have for preset.

Ok thanks witch 1 do I buy to get, the dlc hip hop, and rnb cmd?

Hey again @Nick_Moore

Hmm, unfortunately I think you’re searching for Presets that comes with the Slate Digital version of ANA 2 only.
I did check and yes, the “Hip Hop” & “RnB” CMD Presets appears in the “Slate Chord Progressions” DLC presets.

The only way to get those presets is to have the Slate Digital version which is only available via their All Access Pass subscription. If you bought ANA 2 from Sonic Academy, you won’t get those presets, and they are bundled with the SD installer, you can’t even purchase them separately unfortunately.